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We are not distracted by inventing the future, we are obsessed with recreating the past.

The future icons have actually been around for years.



The bavarian icons are classic BMW cars that were created in Munich in the 70's and 80's. Now, several decades later, they return home to be reborn.

We are in love with BMW classic cars, and have chosen to redesign them in a sustainable way so that they remain a legacy for next generations. 

Bringing the 70's feeling straight into the 2020's, and built under the highest quality standards, each Econ has a unique look and a new electric powertrain for maximum driving pleasure.



Starting with one of the greatest icons of Bavarian cars of the 60's & 70's, the BMW series 02, we have created one of the most advanced re-stomod in the business, producing the ever fastest and fascinating Econ 2002te.





The BMW series 02 was presented in 1966 and in the following seven years obtained a series of successes and awards that led this impressive machine to be considered a legend.

Our goal was to rebuild this legend , which is reminiscent in spirit and shape of the victorious BMW 2002.



BE-2 DIC-03 (1).PNG

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