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Tomorrow's technology to relive the past


Each detail of the 400V High Voltage system has been carefully configured and tuned in order to meet the highest German industrial and quality standards. The strict German TÜV was involved since the beginning of the process. Thousands of KMs of extreme testing got the prototype and us to the limits. Our tests include Fast Charging up to 50kw/h, high speed and long distance runs on the Autobahn and the most epic roads on and around the Alps at any temperature and climate conditions. 


Only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) High Voltage components are used in our Econs and Elektros. Today, we are proud to have a tough system that is up to the challenge for the future. Our goal is to achieve a unique driving experience and guarantee everyday usability combined with sustainability and pleasure.


The driving experience is also enhanced by the finest components with real racing heritage. This allows the Econ to perform formidable with its low center of gravity, almost perfect weight distribution allowing for better traction.

All in one, a drive like you have never experienced before.

Bavarian Econs 2002te Bmw Electric 2002.jpg


120 KW




6.2 Sec*

Aceleration (0-100KMH)



45 Min*

Time To Charge 80%



**Acceleration, Time to charge and range varies depending on driving style and climate conditions

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