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For drivers wanting a more exclusive but yet sustainable classic car, we offer the ECON.


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Our base cars are carefully selected and prepared for the assembly process. We are obsessed with the details, quality, and originality. They are handcrafted by the most talented metal coach builders in the World.

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Econ 2002te is a handcrafted jewel car designed to fulfill the highest driving expectations and bring all senses and thrilling emotions into this extraordinary experience. 


The interior of the vehicle enhances the way this icon is experienced, finding a unique blend between the classic past and the dynamic vision of the future. Bavarian Econs understands how important it is for classic car lovers to include handcrafted bespoke interiors and utilize refined materials for the components.



Our Econs have been carefully developed through the years using the best components to deliver a unique driving experience. 




It all starts with you. Who you are, what you want your Econ to be and for you and our designer to mold it.


You set the limits on what can be done. We Will provide plenty of inspiration.

Three driving modes are available, you decide if you want to drive the long road, or the fastest​ race.

Once your Econs has been delivered, you will enjoy the pleasure of driving a sustainable, customized car.

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